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When it comes to choosing bird feeders, the choices are almost infinite. There is such a variety of styles, colors, materials, and sizes that the decision may feel daunting. Yardbirds, in Richmond, VA, makes finding the perfect bird feeders an easy task.

To choose the proper type of feeders, you need to be aware of the kinds of birds that you will be feeding. Some birds will not eat with others, and there are some, like hummingbirds, that require a specialized feeder with specialized feed. Once you understand the types of birds native to your area, then you need to know where you will install it.

Will you place it on the deck? Hang it from an eavestrough? Attach it to a nearby tree? The location makes a big difference in getting the proper feeder. Larger feeders are a better choice to sit on a deck or hang in a tree, while smaller feeders are best to hang where weight is an issue.

Bird feeders are constructed from a large number of different materials. Yardbirds carries wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, clay, and bird feeders made from recycled materials. We have a large choice of styles, from the most simple and classic, to intricate and contemporary. There is also a vast array of options for both color and design.

Design can be an important factor for more than just aesthetics. If you have squirrels in your yard, it will be prudent to think about getting a feeder that is squirrel-proof. If not, along with filling the seed up on a more regular basis, the presence of the squirrels may scare away the birds for good.

Not sure exactly what you will need? Yardbirds is happy to guide customers in the right direction and give suggestions based on the knowledge of the area that we have. Drop by now!

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