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While generic bird seeds may be better than feeding birds nothing at all, like humans, each variety of bird is different, and they all have different requirements. Yardbirds in Richmond, VA can help you get the right type of bird seeds for your outdoor feathered friends.

Birds also have different feeding requirements depending on the seasons. What is appropriate in the spring may leave them lacking during the fall and winter months. In the warmer months, many birds take advantage of the opportunity to eat insects, reducing the amount of time spent on wild bird seed. Once the colder temperatures roll around, the lack of bugs makes feeding all the more important.

Yardbirds carries only the finest quality bird feeding products, from seed to suet. All of the ingredients are superior, resulting in bird food that keeps them coming back! Some of the varieties of bird seeds that we have available include:

• Whole Peanuts
• Hulled Sunflower Bird Seed
• Finch Seed Mix
• Nyjer Seed
• Hummingbird Nectars
• Oriole Nectars
• Butterfly Nectar
• Safflower Seed Mix
• Mixed Nut Blends
• Mixed Nut and Seed Blends
• Corn
• Spreadable Suet
• Suet Cakes and Logs
• Seasonal Blend Seed Mixes

We also have a selection of no-melt, no-waste, and no-grow products that can make the cleaning of feeders a much easier job. To encourage the birds to keep coming back and eating the bird seeds that you put out, feeders should remain full at all times.

Yardbirds would also like to remind customers that wild birds should also have unhindered access to fresh and clean water all year long. Come on over to select your bird seeds today!

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